Monday, April 18, 2016

Why Use 100% Egyptian Cotton Bedding This Summer?

100% Egyptian cotton bedding is one of the most popular choices, when it comes to choosing luxury bed sheets in India. According to KAMASH-the leading store for luxury Italian bed linens, the most reputed homes in India, 5 star hotels, spas and other concerned of best quality available choose linen bed sheets. What makes it such a popular choice? Why are linen bed sheets considered good for summers? Let’s find out in this post, brought to you by KAMASH.
– Good for health: Linen has a unique filtering capacity, which makes it bacteria resistant, moisture absorbing and ventilating, making it the perfect choice for hot and sticky summers. Linen bed sheets are known as anti-allergic, recommended for people with skin diseases and sensitive skin.
-Keeps you cool in summers:  Linen has high air permeability and has heat conducting properties too that means, it is a breathable fabric that keeps you warm in winters and cool in the summers.
Sweat absorbing: Linen has the ability to absorb as much as 20% of its weight in moisture before feeling wet, making you feel fresh, cool and comfortable when touched or slept on. Wondering where to get the best quality linen luxury bed sheets from? Visit KAMASH, which is the best store in India for the world’s most exclusive luxury home linen brands.
Softness for maximum comfort: Linen sheets have a distinct, distinguished texture and delightful softness to them. The fact that they become softer and shinier with each washing, makes them a popular choice for the connoisseurs of luxury home linen.
-Skin friendly: Due to its natural pH balance, it is considered a good choice for people with sensitive skin and babies.
To own bed sheets of pure linen is certainly a matter of pride-a choice and reflection of fine taste .So, bring yourself the best comfort, peace of mind, a great quality sleep, and better health, with the best range of luxury bedding sets from the finest brands, brought to you by KAMASH, which is India’s exclusive online store for the best luxury home linen products. To start shopping, visit their website-

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