Friday, April 28, 2017

7 Benefits Of Using Luxury Duvet Covers

Luxury duvet covers may be more expensive than comforters, but in the end, they offer more advantages than uncovered duvets, comforters, or plain blankets. Here are seven of the benefits you can expect when you use luxury duvet covers:

             Hassle-free cleaning

Comforters tend to be extremely heavy when washed, which makes cleaning them a whole-body workout. Duvet covers are easier to clean—simply machine wash them gently in warm water and make use of non-chlorine bleach. Some comforters require dry cleaning. Luxury duvet covers, on the other hand, are fuss-free and can be machine washed and dried (even those that are made using luxurious materials). Just make sure to read the instructions on how to take care to ensure that your duvet covers last long and stay soft.

            Less storage space

Duvet covers are easier to store because they are not bulky even when folded, unlike thick wool blankets and comforters that tend to take up much space in storage cabinets and drawers.

              Switch up

Changing a duvet cover is as easy as replacing your bed sheet. Instead of buying multiple comforters which can be expensive, space-consuming and heavy, it’s more practical to buy different styles of duvet cover.

4       Keeps duvets clean

Cleaning duvets can be a nightmare, which is why duvet covers are important. They keep the duvet free of dirt, dust, and stain. They are also easier to wash.

        Safe to use

High-quality luxury duvet covers made with Egyptian cotton or Thai silk are gentler on the skin compared to cheaper counterparts. Cotton helps stabilize the temperature of those who suffer from hot flashes, while silk covers can prevent itching and rashes. Natural materials are also free from chemicals that can cause allergic reactions and breathing issues.

             Sleep better

Luxury home linens, and mattresses are proven to help improve quality of sleep. Since they are made with natural fabrics, they are more breathable and adapt better to temperature compared to synthetic fabrics than trap air and heat. Sweat caused by cheap, unnatural fabrics is also one of the main causes of bacterial growth and bad odour.


Woven in places such as Italy and made with world-class materials, luxury duvet covers are more than just pretty—they can also last for decades if maintained properly.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Know The Types of Luxury Bath Linen

Towels should feel luxurious in addition to being absorbent enough to remove all the excess moisture from the skin after a shower or bath. Wrapping yourself in the warmth and comfort of a towel is a ritual and can give you one of the best experiences if you use luxury bath linen. Whether you talk about a luxury bath towel, luxury hand towel, or luxury fingertip towel, they must help you dry out well and be absorbent enough to not feel too damp to touch.

Testing the weights, grams per meter, durability, absorbency and general good looks are things you cannot avoid looking in a towel. It is up to you to decide whether you like dense feeling plush cotton or lightweight material that is good for travelling and easy to dry. A cheaper towel is often made with synthetic fibre and is uncomfortable and unhealthy to use. However, if you want to buy luxury bath linens you are bound to get the best experience since they are made out of natural fibre and are comfortable to use.

Kamash brings you the knowledge of different types and varieties of luxury bath linen available in the market and some of them are discussed here.

Hydrocotton Bath Linen: Hydrocotton towels are made of pure cotton from Turkey. It has the softness and comfort you expect from a towel. These are made with special “low twist” process that makes them much lighter, absorbent and quicker to dry.

Rye bath towel: These bath towels are best known for covering bedspreads, cushions, and carpets but these towels can also be used to bring a delightful burst of colours to the bathroom too. And its speciality is not limited to colours, it is great in providing comfort too. The Rye towels are made from 100% cotton and are covered in waves that represent the historic coastal town.

Jacquard Weave Bath Towel: This is one of the most affordable and cost-effective bath towels in the luxury linen category. A zigzag jacquard weave pattern gives a soft texture as well as an attractive appearance. These luxury bath towels look smart hung on an open bathroom shelf and also come in a range of vibrant colours including pink, mint, grey, etc.

Egyptian Cotton Towel: Egyptian cotton has certainly gained immense popularity recently and has also become steadily affordable over the last ten years. Known for its feel, comfort, and durability, it is a popular choice for luxury bath sheets and towels.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Quick Tips to Find Fabulous Table Linens For Your Luxury Home

Luxury home buyers usually focus on high-quality products when purchasing home linens and related materials. Such buyers also place equal emphases on top-notch table linens such as placemats, napkins, and table runners for their luxury home. They aim of offer their guests the best possible services and such products are a significant part of the experience.

However, before you start shopping for such items, it is important to keep some important factors in mind to help you find the best-quality products with no fuss. Some tips to find fabulous & high quality table linens for luxury homes are brought to you by Kamash, an ultimate collection for luxury home linen products in India.

Type of the Fabric: How you cover your tables can make or break your guests’ experience. Choosing the right luxury table linens for your home shows your commitment to maintaining high levels of services for your guests. You can choose the best and 100% linen as the base material for your luxury table linens and these are highly durable and cost-effective. However, when it comes to comfort and feel, normal table linens don’t score as much as of 100% table linen.

Size: You have to ensure that the luxury table linens you are buying are the right fit for your tables and other accessories. Placemats should be slightly bigger than the cutlery, and napkins are always better in larger sizes. In any case, you have to make sure that they are not too small or too big because in both the cases, it will not sit well on the table or match the layout. Aside from looking shabby, it shows a lack of attention towards your guests.

Need: Before you buy the right table linens, you will have to consider where you will be using them. For instance, if you are using it outdoors most times, then you need fabulous shades that can last sunlight and moisture without losing any colour. If the luxury table linens are to be used indoors, then you should choose linens that go with the decor and the overall ambience of the setting. The larger dining areas and restaurants should have linens that are designed for regular wash while those that are used in rooms or tea lounges can have other varieties that are as high quality as the ones used in restaurants but have not been differently treated for regular washes to get rid of customary stains.


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Choose the Best Luxury Duvet Covers to Enhance Your Bedroom Design

A duvet, sometimes also known as a comforter, is a soft quilt filled down with feathers, wool, or a synthetic fiber. It is protected by a removable cover known as duvet cover. The idea of luxury duvet cover &bedding originated in Europe and became extremely popular because of its usefulness as a thermal insulator while being light-weight as compared to quilts and blankets. In a nutshell, it adds elegance to your bedroom and gives you the comfort at the same time.

A duvet cover besides acting as a protective cover for your favorite comforter can also be used to add an element of elegance to your bedroom. Since your comforter will occupy a huge part of your bed, it will act as one of the largest visual elements in the bedroom and can serve as a key anchor to the room’s overall style. Therefore, you must make a wise decision when buying a duvet cover.

Some tips to choose the best luxury duvet covers to enhance your bedroom design are mentioned here.

Know the Size of Your Duvet: The size of the duvet cover depends on the size of the comforter you have. While both the duvet and duvet cover come in standard sizes such as “king”, “queen” and “full”. Many brands create comforters in different sizes different from the standard ones. It is best to lay down your comforter and use a measuring tape to get its true dimension. Use this measurement to find the right luxury duvet cover.

In the world of luxury linen, thread count is a measure for exclusivity. Fy1, a thread count is the numbers of threads in one inch square of fabric. Thread count in sheets is the equivalent of dpi in photographs. It literally relates to number of threads in the wrap and weft of a square inch of fabric, and the quality of silk and cotton is judged differently. It’s only one aspect of quality though”. The base fiber and the size and the quality of the yarns are far more important.

Check Washing Instructions: The whole point of having a duvet cover is to protect your comforter from getting dirty. Hence, your luxury duvet cover must be made out of a fabric that can be easily washed and dried. It is important to read the washing instructions given by the manufacturer to see if it will suit your lifestyle. Read the labels first to make sure that you are buying the right one.
You can visit Kamash’s blog to find out more on luxury duvet covers and other luxury home linen products.