Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Choose the Best Luxury Duvet Covers to Enhance Your Bedroom Design

A duvet, sometimes also known as a comforter, is a soft quilt filled down with feathers, wool, or a synthetic fiber. It is protected by a removable cover known as duvet cover. The idea of luxury duvet cover &bedding originated in Europe and became extremely popular because of its usefulness as a thermal insulator while being light-weight as compared to quilts and blankets. In a nutshell, it adds elegance to your bedroom and gives you the comfort at the same time.

A duvet cover besides acting as a protective cover for your favorite comforter can also be used to add an element of elegance to your bedroom. Since your comforter will occupy a huge part of your bed, it will act as one of the largest visual elements in the bedroom and can serve as a key anchor to the room’s overall style. Therefore, you must make a wise decision when buying a duvet cover.

Some tips to choose the best luxury duvet covers to enhance your bedroom design are mentioned here.

Know the Size of Your Duvet: The size of the duvet cover depends on the size of the comforter you have. While both the duvet and duvet cover come in standard sizes such as “king”, “queen” and “full”. Many brands create comforters in different sizes different from the standard ones. It is best to lay down your comforter and use a measuring tape to get its true dimension. Use this measurement to find the right luxury duvet cover.

In the world of luxury linen, thread count is a measure for exclusivity. Fy1, a thread count is the numbers of threads in one inch square of fabric. Thread count in sheets is the equivalent of dpi in photographs. It literally relates to number of threads in the wrap and weft of a square inch of fabric, and the quality of silk and cotton is judged differently. It’s only one aspect of quality though”. The base fiber and the size and the quality of the yarns are far more important.

Check Washing Instructions: The whole point of having a duvet cover is to protect your comforter from getting dirty. Hence, your luxury duvet cover must be made out of a fabric that can be easily washed and dried. It is important to read the washing instructions given by the manufacturer to see if it will suit your lifestyle. Read the labels first to make sure that you are buying the right one.
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