Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Choosing The Right Bed Sheets In Three Easy Steps

For some people, bed sheet is not just another item of home utility; it’s a statement of personal style, taste and reflection of mood. They use their bed as a canvas, to infuse colours and style in their bedroom. A well-chosen bed sheet will always add character to your bed room, so here are some tips to choose the right bed sheet for a stylish bed room, brought to you by KAMASH-the online store offering the premium luxury bed linen brands.
Choosing a design that complements your bedroom’s decor
One of the most important factors you have to keep in mind is the theme of your room. You can experiment with different bed sheet styles and designs if you have plain walls and floors. This will add vibrancy and life to an otherwise boring room. On the other hand if you room has a lot of colours or design on walls, a simple bed sheet will help bring a subtle charm in your room.
At KAMASH’s luxury bedding collection, you can find various colours, patterns, like- checks, floral, stripes, abstract, Jacquard etc to infuse style in your room.
Which fabric to choose?
Bed sheets are available in different fabric materials; right from the all-time basic favourite Egyptian cotton to silk;  to various blends, weaves and GSM (weight i.e. grams per square meter)  and thread count.
Cotton bed sheets are best suited for Indian climatic conditions, but if you are looking to add grace and royal charm to your bed room, then silk bed sheets can also be chosen. But, they should be used sparingly due to its high maintenance needs.
There are various blends also available and depending upon the kind of composition can be used as per season or suitability. Visit KAMASH-the luxury bedding store today to find bed sheets in various materials to suit your home decor needs.
Based on the kind of weaves
Bed sheets are available in many kinds of weaves. Most of the people prefer plain weave, but satin, jacquard and twill are good options too.
So, depending upon your requirement of thickness, softness and other parameters you can choose from a variety of options available at KAMASH-the premium luxury bed sheets store. To start shopping, visit- http://www.kamash.luxury/

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