Monday, January 18, 2016

Tips To Make A Hotel Like Bed At Home

Luxury hotels’ beds feel so heavenly. Ever wondered how they make their beds so perfectly? We all want to enjoy the same level of comforts and perfection in our bedrooms; don’t we? So here are some expert tips that will transform your very own bedroom into a haven of luxury, comfort and elegance. It is easier than you think, with these tips from KAMASH-the best store to buy luxury bed sheets online.

Use pristine white bed sheets
Colour scheme is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding the look of your bedroom. The best hotels create the luxurious effect in their rooms by using superior quality all-white bed linen, like luxury Italian bed linens in pristine white to create an oasis and focal point of the room. If you want to have the same effect in your room, visit KAMASH to buy the best luxurious bed sheets for that crisp white look.
Layering is the key                                                                                                                        
To design your own hotel bed, start with superior quality, high thread count bed sheets. High thread count seems to be the general rule of thumb and minimum standard at some of the best hotels around the world. Use three sheets instead of one for that elegant look. It looks really plush when you make your bed with three sheets for that super elegant luxury hotel look.

Use lots of pillows
You might need just one pillow to lay your head on, but for that ultimate plush experience you will need lots of soft and cushy pillows on your bed. Use a mixture of feather and micro-fibre pillows for that ultimate comfort and luxury. Try using pillows and cushions of different sizes.

Invest in good quality mattress and bed sheets
Comfort is one of the most crucial factors when designing the look of your luxurious bedroom, so don't skimp on price, select only the best mattresses and buy superior quality luxury bedding sets from KAMASH. Remember, if you don’t pay attention to the quality of your mattress and bed sheet, you're not going to have the peaceful rest you need.

Using these tips, you can enjoy hotel like experience everyday in your own home. For more such tips, or to buy the best quality luxury home linens visit KAMASH-the premier store for luxury home linen brands in India. To start shopping, visit-

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