Monday, January 18, 2016

Consider Changing Your Bed Sheet For Good Night’s Sleep

People who suffer from sleeplessness often try a lot of things to get sound sleep but are unable to sleep well despite all the efforts. While you may be blaming your health or surroundings for lack of sleep, the culprit could actually be the bed sheet you sleep on. When it comes to the factors contributing to good sleep, quality of the mattress is often considered the most important factor, but according to the experts the quality of bed sheets and pillow cases is equally important for uninterrupted sleep. Let’s find out more how quality of the bed sheets affect our sleep through this article brought to you by KAMASH-India’s leading store for world’s most exclusive luxury home linen brands.

Use cooler fabrics in summers
Never use synthetic fabrics in summers. They have a tendency to trap heat, making it uncomfortable when you sleep. Quality cotton bed linens, like Egyptian cotton or Pima cotton that you will find in KAMASH’s luxurious bed linen range offers the best comfort in both summers and winters and is revered for its quality. If you experience night sweats then experts recommend moisture-wicking sheets.

Wash new bed sheets before using them
A lot of time when your bed sheets are in packaging, some irritants might get on them, so always wash your new bed sheet at least once before you use it.

Use mild detergent to wash your bed sheets if you have sensitive skin
If you have sensitive skin, always wash your bed sheets with detergents free from things like perfumes, dyes and other harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin. Also, always buy your luxury home linens from reputed stores like KAMASH that stock the best home linen brands that come with a promise of quality and safety.

Change your bed sheets regularly
There's nothing that feels as good as sleeping into a clean set of sheets every night, so change your sheets at least once a week for a clean and healthy bed room.

Now that you know the secret behind good sleep, get started today and log in to to buy the best collection of luxurious bed linens that will make your bed comfortable like never before.

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