Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How To Select The Right Bed-Sheet For Winters

When it comes to staying warm in winters, bed sheets play a very important role. Different fabrics have different qualities and can offer different levels of warmth when you need it the most. In this blog by KAMASH-India’s premium luxury bed linen brand store, we will know what the different fabrics offer:
Why is it important to select a good quality bed-sheet in winters?
When we sleep our body temperature drops, so we need to stay warm enough to fall asleep comfortably. A good quality bed linen can offer superior comfort and make you sleep like a baby, the entire night.
Different fabrics to consider for a superior sleep
Cotton: Cotton is one of the most commonly used materials when it comes to bed sheets. It is available in a variety of thread counts. The higher the thread count, the softer and more comfortable the sheet will be. Premium quality luxury bed sheets made of fine cotton are perfect for use year-round and offer superior comfort and look even after washing repeatedly. It will make you feel comfortable as well as it offers great temperature control.
Flannel: When it comes to comfortable beddings, flannel is one of the most preferred options. It offers a softer, cosier alternative during the winter months. Their fluffiness will feel warm at the first touch and is able to retain the body heat more efficiently.
Fleece: If you frequently suffer from allergies caused by fabrics or dust, then this hypoallergenic fabric is an ideal choice for you. Bed sheets made of fleece are also very soft and warm, similar to flannel, but better at regulating the temperature, keeping you comfortable the whole night.
Silk: Silk is synonymous with luxury. Silk luxury bedding sets are the ideal for comfort and softness. They may be a bit pricey, but their warmth and comfort will make you feel no less than a king or queen.
Once you have decided which sheet matches your preferences, it’s a good idea to turn on the internet and shop for the best luxury bed sheets, right from the comforts of your home. Log in to KAMASH at- today and find the most exquisite collection of luxury bed sheets at your finger tips!

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