Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How To Identify A Superior Quality Bed Linen?

If you want to experience luxury at its best then it is must to have superior quality luxurious bed linens in your bedroom. But an important question is-“How to identify a superior quality bed linen? Here are some amazing tips, brought to you by KAMASH-the number one store for luxury home linen brands.

1. Thread count
Thread count means the amount of yarn, every inch square of the linen. According to the bed linen experts, higher thread count indicates softer and more comfortable fabric. Higher thread account commonly is pricier but it is worth the price and you will absolutely love it.

2. Fabric
There are several options for superior quality fabrics like silk and cotton. At reputed luxury home linens stores like KAMASH, you will find only superior fabrics that besides giving soft touch to your skin; also gives comfortable feeling while you are sleeping.

3. Weave type
There are several kinds of weaves including plain, sateen, twill, and patterned. At KAMASH’s exclusive home linen store, you will get superior bed linens with high quality weave and finish that is rare to find in ordinary bed sheets.

4. Fiber
Luxury bed linens offered at KAMASH come with wrinkle resistance quality. Wrinkle resistance makes sure that your bed sheet looks great all the time. The fibres that the luxury bed linens are made of like Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton are so strong that they remain new like, even after years of use.

5. Feel
Luxury bed linens are very lightweight and soft to touch and feel great against the skin. Such bed sheets are ideal for those who have sensitive skin.

6. Price
The most expensive, doesn’t mean the best one. When buying bed sheets just make sure that you buy good one which feels comfortable and fits your budget too.

Selecting the finest bed sheets requires time and patience. Following these tips from KAMASH-India’s leading luxury bed linen store, you will be able to get the perfect linen for your home that you would love to flaunt! KAMASH has the best collection of luxury home linens; from luxury table linens to bed and bath linens, you get only the best here.

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