Thursday, October 22, 2015

Egyptian Cotton-What Goes Into Making Your Super Fine Bed Linens?

Egyptian cotton is one of the most revered materials when it comes to luxury bed linens. It is the world’s finest cotton and is considered as one of the best materials for bed sheets and luxury duvet covers. The following characteristics are what make Egyptian cotton the number one choice for luxury bed linen lovers.

What makes it so good?

Egyptian cotton is raised on a ‘rich soil’ beside the Nile River. The humid atmosphere there provides ideal conditions to raise long cotton fibres, also known as “staples”.

Egyptian cotton fibre’s length is about twice the size of ordinary cotton fibres.

Benefits of longer fibres:

• The longer fibres of Egyptian cotton mean more uninterrupted fibre to use when spinning yarn and threads. 
• There are fewer splices resulting in stronger threads and fabrics.
• This also gives manufacturers the ability to turn these super long and strong fibres into very fine yarn, which makes it softer and more lustrous than ordinary cotton.
• Finer yarns mean the manufacturers are able to pack more thread counts into each square inch and that’s the reason why Egyptian cotton luxury bed sheets last significantly longer than ordinary cotton sheets.
• Egyptian cotton fibre is highly porous, which gives fabrics made of Egyptian cotton brighter, deeper and makes colours stronger.
• The super smooth and lustrous fabric feels very good on your skin, giving you an ultimate luxurious feel.

Egyptian Cotton bed linens-crafted with care

Egyptian cotton is handpicked, which means there will be no stress on the fibres, leaving the fibres straight and intact.

At the time of cultivation also extreme care is exercised, which ensures the cotton is perfectly clean at every stage of the growth cycle. This meticulousness yields a superior quality yarn, which yields a product of super fine quality.

All these qualities listed above have resulted in Egyptian cotton being by far the best material for luxury bed linens. So, what are you waiting for? If you would like to own a finely crafted bed sheet made of Egyptian cotton, or are looking for the best quality luxury throws and blankets for your bedroom, visit KAMASH-the leading importer of luxury home linens at-

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