Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Buying Guide for Superior Quality Turkish Towels

Turkey is known for producing high-quality home linen products. Turkish home linens are of high standard and exceed customer’s expectation. Quality materials coupled with forward thinking approach means that you can expect nothing short of the best. Turkish luxury bath linens are arguably the most popular of all Turkish exports. These super absorbent towels are made from superior-quality fabric to provide an incredibly soft texture and finish.

Luxury Turkish towels are sometimes known by different names such as Peshtemal, Hammam, or Fouta towels, and the common marketing term ‘Turkish bath towel.’ They are made from Turkish cotton – a superior quality premium fabric with extra-long fibres. Because of the unique quality of the material, these luxury towels are softer, fluffier, and more absorbent than bath towels made elsewhere.

Here are some of the tips for buying high-quality Turkish towels.

          Do not judge a towel by its softness when new. Many manufacturers add softeners to give the towel a smooth texture that feels nice and velvety in the store. However, such artificially induced softness does not last after a few washes. Always go for luxury towels made from superior fabric like Turkish combed cotton. They are more durable and comfortable.

          For enduring comfort, always check to ensure the towel is made from 100% cotton. Cotton fibres naturally attract water and can absorb almost 25 times their weight of the liquid. Turkish combed cottonis the premium quality cotton and ensures that the shorter threads have been removed, keeping the bath towel strong and preventing pilling.

          Turkish towels are generally softer than other towels as their thread count is generally over 200. However, you should always inspect the stitches for thick and tightly packed loops. The denser the loop, the more absorbent your towel will be. A high-quality towel will also feel heavier. Thus, the GSM number may be a better indicator of quality to judge the quality of the luxury bath linens than what its looks convey. This also means that the luxury bath towel has more volume for absorbing water.

With these basic steps, you can pick the best looking superior quality Turkish towel. These luxury towels may turn out to be your best friend when travelling as they are comfortable and dry quickly, yet still pack up small.

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