Friday, September 18, 2015

Tips For Storing Your Luxury Linens

Luxury linens not just provide beauty and comfort to our interiors, but also give our home an elegant look. If you are an ardent lover of luxury bed sheets, then you would always want your prized possession to remain that way for long time. Good maintenance and proper storage will keep your luxury linens in good condition always. KAMASH-the number one manufacturer of luxury home linen in India brings to you some expert tips for storing your luxury linens and keeping them new like for years.
·         Always wash and then properly dry your washable luxury home linens before storing them.
·         Always ensure your luxury linens are removed from dryer while still warm so they don’t wrinkle. 

How to store your luxury linens?

·         Store your premium luxury bedding sets in a cool, dark and dry place.
·         If you are storing your luxury linens in a garment bag, then that should always be made up of cotton, linen or muslin. Don’t use a garment bag made up of synthetic materials; a plastic bag is a strict no no!
·         When storing your luxury linens in cupboard, always place tags on your luxury linens or on the shelves, describing the kind and size of item you’re storing in the closet.
·         To keep your luxury linens smelling fresh, put a lavender sachet with your linens, when you store them in your closet.
·         Rotate your luxury bed linens every six months.
·         Don’t store your valuable luxury beddings in plastic, cedar or cardboard. All these materials emit acids and fumes that can stain or turn your linens yellow.
·         Never store your luxury linens in your bathroom, as the moisture will cause mildewing.
·         Rotate the sheets luxury bedding sets you use frequently so that they wear evenly.
·         Change sheets more often in hot and humid regions as the sweat and moisture can cause damage to your beautiful bed sheets.

Luxury bed sheets not just adorn your interiors but also give you unmatched comfort that provides perfect relaxing atmosphere to your home. To buy the best luxury bed sheets in India, visit KAMASH that has some of the most exquisite range of luxury bed sheets, designed with perfection.
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