Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How To Prolong The Life Of Your Luxury Bath Linens?

Having luxury towels in your bathroom can turn bathing into a relaxing daily experience. Luxury bath towels are made of some of the finest materials, so they require special care and maintenance. By using proper laundering techniques you can prolong their life and keeping them looking new like forever. In this blog by KAMASH-the premium company for luxury home linen, we will read some tips to care for your luxury bath linens.

1.     Sort by color. Before washing your luxury bath linens, sort them out by color to avoid color bleeding together. Wash colored and white towels separately. To set colors, wash similar colored towels in warm water for several washings.
2.      Use mild detergent and fabric softener. Look for mild detergents to wash your luxury bath linens. For stain removal directly apply stain remover on the stain and then gently rub and scrub the towel and wash as normal. Harsh detergents break down soft fibers affecting the quality of your luxury bath linens, so never use them. Fabric softeners should also be avoided or should be used less often.
3.      Rinse your towels in cold water: In order to keep the colors bright and fibers from being worn down quickly, it is very important to rinse your towel thoroughly in cold water after washing. Also, give your towels a shake after washing; this will help fluff your towel.
4.      Keep them away from some daily use products: Some of the common personal care products like acne medication contain benzoyl peroxide, which if directly comes in contact with your bath linen can cause discoloration and other damaging effects. So, wash your hand thoroughly after each use.
5.      What to do in case of pulled thread? When you see a pulled loop, simply snip it with a pair of scissors and fold it nicely to adorn your beautiful bathroom. As the towels are woven, not knitted a pulled thread will not affect the towel in any way.

With these tips from KAMASH-the one stop destination for the best luxury home linens, you can enjoy the luxury and comfort of your premium bath linen for longer time. For more such tips or to buy the best luxury home linens, visit KAMASH at- http://www.kamash.luxury/

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